Sunday, February 22, 2009

"This is Top Chef, not Top Scallop"

Well, the time had to come where Fabio was kicked off Top Chef. Such as shame, he really is talented but something always goes wrong for him. I will definitely miss his take on things.

Now that we're at the finale, I have to say I'm totally routing for Carla. She used to be completely annoying but now she's just hysterical. Plus she has upped her game and is a true contender to the ultra cocky Stefan. Gail!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Back on the island

Another great episode of Lost. Where in true Lost style, questions were answered but more were put out there. We now know how they got back onto the island (in a plane flying over the coordinates of the island and transported in during a time flash)but we have to wonder, will everyone aboard that plane also be on the island? I mean there's gotta be some reason why that man told Jack he was sorry for his loss. I imagine we'll see him again as the producers don't haphazardly put in characters or commentary when it's not needed.

We don't quite know how Sayid, Kate and Hurley were convinced to go on the plane, but we do know that the 6 had to best recreate the circumstances that were present when they were originally on the plane. Follow:
- Jack was carrying a note as Sawyer had a note
- Hurley brought a guitar case as Charlie had one aboard
- Sayid was with a federal agent of some kind and Kate was with a U.S. Marshall
- Kate is pregnant (allegedly with Jack's baby) and Claire was preggers with Aaron
- Sun is the only one I can't seem to piece together, any thoughts?

There's also some chatter about that Ben's "tying up of loose ends" was going to the dock to kill Penny ... since he knew where she was now after seeing Desmond at the church and get revenge for Widmoore killing his daughter, Alex (really Rouseau's daughter). It'll be interesting to see if Desmond makes another appearance on the island since he was told the island's not done with you yet.

And lastly, can't wait to see if they have flashed onto the island during the time where the Dharma initiative is still alive and kicking, hence Jin being in the workman outfit.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jin Returns While Jamie Gets the Boot

I promise I am not making a habit of not blogging for two weeks at a time - I don't even have a good excuse really, other than the fact that once I settle in on the couch it takes a lot to get me up.

Now that that's out of the way, I felt compelled to blog about last night's TV watching.

American Idol consumed my first hour, which was pretty non-exciting. I really only watch the beginning episodes to see if I can spot the top 12 or whatever it is.

On to Lost ... wow, where do I begin. Now that we are technically 4 epidsodes in I can't write all my thoughts during those episodes. Well I could but I'm sure no one would read it ... if anybody's reading anything I'm posting. But I digress ... While the first half hour of the show really served no purpose, at least we discovered that Ben is the one behind Kate and Aaron's blood test request, which I guess we really should've seen coming. Although throwing Clarie's mother into the mix for a second was very convincing, even though it was quite the coincodence. Even though NOTHING is a coincodence on Lost. I was however very happy to see that Jin is alive! I was really hoping he would be, which makes it much easier (I think) for Ben to convince Sun to go back to the island. Hurley, however might be the one kink in the plan since he seemed completely against helping them once they made him lie. So we'll see ...

Four hour three, I settled under my blanket with my ice cream to watch Top Chef (I challenge anyone to watch Top Chef or Diners, Drive-In's and Dives, without consuming something). Can I tell you that I am absolutely LIVID that Jamie was sent home and not Leah. The purpose of the challenge was to imitate the dish as closely as possible, not cook a new part of the meal because they can't figure out how to create it. I mean come on, Leah flat out quit during the quickfire challenge and has sucked during every challenge except for maybe 4 when some sort of divine intervention occured, I'm sure. All I have to say is if Fabio gets sent home before Leah, I'm done with this season. We all know Stefan is going to win anyway. But I leave with with a not so appetizing portion from yesterday's episode, since I have a not so appetizing taste in my mouth.