Monday, January 12, 2009

The Real World 2.0

I have to admit that I used to be an avid The Real World viewer - as you know I am a people watcher and one can't help but become engrossed when you throw seven strangers into a house to live together. However, not since The Real World San Diego (season 14) did I make it a priority to view every episode the moment it aired. Even looking up the seasons, I found that there was a Real World Denver ... I never even knew that existed! Needless to say, it has majorly gone downhill, basically just throwing the seven most ignorant and nasty 20-somethings together to see who would make out first.

Now, as The Real World enters season 21 in Brooklyn, it looks like they are finally getting back to their roots with an interesting and diverse cast. Highlights include Katelynn, the transgendered female, J.D., the dolphin trainer and Sarah who helps victims of sexual abuse through art therapy.

I watched the entire first episode and there was not one hookup! A far cry from Real World Las Vegas with trashy Trishelle making out with Stephen while Frank was in between them!

I even heard that they will not be working together ... thank god, that part of the show was never interesting to watch. And honestly, who works and lives with all seven, excuse me eight of their roomates. It's much more interesting to see what lives they create for themselves outside of their homebase coupled with issues that are bound to arise among roomates.

First Real World, then Real World/Road Rules Challenge ... who are those people anyway?!

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